What you got (Feat. Joni Mitchell)

from by klame

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I had a Lamborghini
And a Porsche out back
A Harley Davidson
With one tire flat
A house on the hill
Overlooking the sea
A magic pill that let me
See in three dee
A 10 foot fence
With a gold plated gate
Intercom intercom
Maybe I’m running late
Flat screen t vee’s
In every room
Speakers in the floor
To make it go boom
Surrounding sound
For those classical tunes
Classic guitars
Signed by rock stars
Famous fingers cut off
And pickled in jars
Spices and jewels
From afar
A bunch of hot babes
You know who you are
Lets take a trip
Road trip in my cars
One for each of you
Drive to the beach
Zoom zoom
And check out the view

Well my Lamborghini
Is rusted away
Haven't seen my bike or Porsche
In don't know how many days
The great one came
And shook my house into the sea
Ran out of pills
No more 3 dee
The ten foot fence is all overgrown
Someone jacked the gate
That kept me home alone
There’s no home
So forget the inter come
Tee vees lost at sea
Speakers are blown
guitars set free
Fingers in jars are gone
Set a float
Just like a message
But not one of hope
Spices from the east
And jewels deceased
Thought maybe my friends would stay
But with no cars to drive
The babes walked away


from .​.​.​and b​-​sides, released June 20, 2017




klame Courtenay, British Columbia

Caught somewhere between 90's mellow hip hop and folky blues, Klame has been makin tunes for almost half of his 34 years on earth! Words laid on top of a tasty buffet of beats made mostly by Klame. Please sink your teeth in and enjoy!

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