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by klame

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A Collection of tracks that fell through the cracks/rarities and b-sides to be exact...


released June 20, 2017




klame Courtenay, British Columbia

Caught somewhere between 90's mellow hip hop and folky blues, Klame has been makin tunes for almost half of his 34 years on earth! Words laid on top of a tasty buffet of beats made mostly by Klame. Please sink your teeth in and enjoy!

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Track Name: Three (Feat. Stillife)
three wise men
who followed a star
three times lucky
how we got where we are
3 is a crowd
3rd times a charm
what fun would it be
to all have a 3 wheeled car
I need a hand
give me one more arm
3 strikes your out
but please play again
3 times the effort
strait’s sure to bend
3 strands to a chord
not to be broken
holy trinity open
clouds rain down
universe surround
seven’s holy opus
never hopeless now
3 is we three emcees
take turns in this piece
like the driver's seat
3rd gear to 4th fifth
speed with no need
to downshift uplifting
3 gifts with three voices
Track Name: Right (Prod. B-Chuck)
b-chuck made a beat for me to rap
and hopefully, you toe tap
to the rhythm im givin
keep it right and exact
Keepin it right right right

It’s gotta be right
So we keep it tight
Made words appear
Made daytime night
Shine a light
And shine it bright
So we can clear
When were in flight
Hold it dear
This dearest mic
Put up a fight
Not only nikes
But like the likes
Of fresh kicks
So outta sight
When it’s time to write
Put down the fight
Reach up new heights
Like stringless kites
Just let go
And feel allright
Make you bite
Off a slice
But this is mine
And i hold tight
With all my might
I gotta try
When it’s my time
I say hi
Good luck
Good night
Peep the rhyme


I can't go wrong
when I make a song
it excites my soul
feeling strong
enough to lift
a beat with blips
taking sips
between the lips
of drums that drip
and bassline licks
to taste the bass
and shake the hips
of punk rockers
and raver kids
no matter who
you can't get rid
of old man klame
the train that did
choo choo at you
since days of vids
on vhs
were watching it
like p's and q's
so have a fit
and just go nuts
like crazy did
Track Name: Burn all the books(Prod. Kris)
they could burn all the books
and we’ll still tell stories
rap like we mean it
even well past our 40’s
cause we have to write
just to stay sane
and we must recite
poems again and again

When the pen is in my hand
I stumble upon a magical land
full of greatness and wonder
beauty sunshine and thunder
I search for that feeling
of when I first arrived
took one look at the ocean
ran jumped and swan dived
splashed head first into water
darkness turned gold
expressing these words
on pages as they fold
creasing perfection
origami of my soul
once the ceremony is over
and the morning takes control
waking to a new day
remembering the old
pathways we stumbled
in italics and bold
words typed out
left for the nights in bitter cold
to saturate with colours
so bright and so bold
shining in city lights
blurring to abstract hues
cues takin cannot lose
with pen scrape we choose
to write our way out of blues
and grandiose bad moods
into brilliant shades of warm tones
to heat up like home
using only a poem

they could burn all the books
and we’ll still tell stories
rap like we mean it
even well past our 40’s
cause we have to write
just to stay sane
we must recite
poems again and again

from intro to outro
even the interlude
the song is a healer
and I can prove it true
the amount of shitty days
that it got me through
to bring colour to life
not left to our own device
but can put up a fight
and start to feel right
with strokes of light
draw stars all night
make wishes of words
become fishers of worlds
expand into space
and let earth unfurl
to reveal the truth
to the boys and girls
with an ear to listen
and a moment to stop
to feel the heart clock
tick away in your chest
when you feel the art rock
it’s perfection at it’s best
Track Name: What you got (Feat. Joni Mitchell)
I had a Lamborghini
And a Porsche out back
A Harley Davidson
With one tire flat
A house on the hill
Overlooking the sea
A magic pill that let me
See in three dee
A 10 foot fence
With a gold plated gate
Intercom intercom
Maybe I’m running late
Flat screen t vee’s
In every room
Speakers in the floor
To make it go boom
Surrounding sound
For those classical tunes
Classic guitars
Signed by rock stars
Famous fingers cut off
And pickled in jars
Spices and jewels
From afar
A bunch of hot babes
You know who you are
Lets take a trip
Road trip in my cars
One for each of you
Drive to the beach
Zoom zoom
And check out the view

Well my Lamborghini
Is rusted away
Haven't seen my bike or Porsche
In don't know how many days
The great one came
And shook my house into the sea
Ran out of pills
No more 3 dee
The ten foot fence is all overgrown
Someone jacked the gate
That kept me home alone
There’s no home
So forget the inter come
Tee vees lost at sea
Speakers are blown
guitars set free
Fingers in jars are gone
Set a float
Just like a message
But not one of hope
Spices from the east
And jewels deceased
Thought maybe my friends would stay
But with no cars to drive
The babes walked away
Track Name: Did he know? - Live(Feat. The Nohearums)
hits that get missed
like walking in foggy mist
you can't see me
yet I still exist
why do I do what I do
if I don't reach you
extend my arms anyway
and wish for another day
another time another place
where when my dreams
come face to face
with those i need to reach
they give purpose to the race
1st world problems
attaining goals
complaining so
when things don't go
how there supposed to go
so strive for less than more
and live simp ol
so blessed with peace
and this land's peaceful
spare time to flow
with verbs and nouns
consonants and vowels
maybe if I'm lucky
some wows from crowds
but I am too quiet
dont like to talk loud
so seldom heard
from this small town
walk around unseen
with my head in the clouds
trippin over obstacles
that litter the ground
and trip me up
as I journey around

did he know
did he not
maybe so
maybe not
what’s to gain
if you forgot
who was up
up next to talk